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May 2

Minutes from the Parkissimo Hockey League Spring Meeting have been posted in the Contacts section.

March 30

The Parkissimo Hockey League Spring Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 5th, 7:30 p.m. at Tundra Oil & Gas Place in Virden, MB.

February 8

The playoff draws are now posted in the Schedule/Resutls section.

January 28

Revised standings/results as of 9 am on Thursday, Jan. 28 are now posted.

January 27

The results and standings are completely up to date with everything that we've received as of 3 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Please take a moment to check over the Schedule/Results section, and if you have played a game for which no result is posted please fax the applicable gamesheet to 204-759-2521 ASAP. Please also take a look over your team's record on the standings and let us know if there is an issue.

All makeup games must be completed by Sunday, Feb. 7. Once you have played any remaining games you must fax in your gamesheet as soon as possible so the final standings can be put together. Assuming all teams send in their gamesheets on time, we hope to have the final standings ready on Monday, Feb. 8 at which time the playoff brackets will be made up by the league and then posted on the website as soon as they are done. Again assuming that everything goes smoothly, the playoff draw should be posted on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Your patience is appreciated while all involved with the league try to put this information together as quickly as possible.

January 21

Please take a moment to check over the Schedule/Results section, and if you have played a game for which no result is posted please fax the applicable gamesheet to 204-759-2521 ASAP.

January 19

A copy of the playoff formats has been posted in the Schedule/Results section.

January 6

Parkissimo Team Managers

Crossroads This Week is currently preparing its annual minor hockey edition.

We would like your help by sending us a photo of your team (if you reside in the Crossroads This Week coverage area), together with the names of the players in the photo, by row, from left.

We prefer if the photo can be emailed to If it is not available by email, an original photo can be mailed or brought to our office in Shoal Lake. We will scan the photo and return to you. If you are emailing the photo, please email the high-resolution original camera file. Do not downsize the photo in any way.

We appreciate your co-operation as we know many look forward to this section every year to see the minor hockey players in the region.

December 21

For information on the Parkissimo Hockey League's pre-novice tournament please click here.

December 17

The website has been updated with all gamesheets received as of 2:00 pm on Thursday, Dec. 17. Please take a moment to check over the Schedule/Results section, and if you have played a game for which no result is posted please fax the applicable gamesheet to 204-759-2521.

Due to the holidays and lack of games over this time period, this will be the last update until the new year.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.
Ryan Nesbitt
Parkissimo Hockey League

December 8

We are having issues with many gamesheets being cut off when they are faxed in. Please make sure your fax machine is set to the 8.5x14 (legal) setting before sending. Thanks.

November 19

You may have got an error or a busy signal this week while trying to fax in gamesheets, this was due to our MTS fax line being down. The problems are now fixed so you can resend any gamesheets you were trying to send in. Thanks.

October 26


We have been receiving gamesheets that have not been filled out correctly. Please take the time to fill out the ENTIRE top of the sheet before sending it in, including: AGE GROUP, DIVISION (IE: North or South), FULL TEAM NAME (IE: Dauphin 1, 2 or 3), and the GAME NUMBER.

Taking one minute to correctly fill out the sheet helps eliminate confusion on our end and makes sure that the scores can be attributed to the right teams.

As well, teams need to be using Parkissimo Hockey League gamesheets - not gamesheets from your own association. Thanks.

October 16

If you are seeing last year's schedules rather than this season's or you are not seeing your team's info posted please click refresh at the top of your browser before emailing saying there are problems to ensure you're looking at the latest updates. Thanks.

October 15

The Parkissimo Hockey League website is now updated for the 2015/16 season.

Please check over the Contacts and Tournaments for your team, if you are not listed please email your information to the webmaster asap.

Some things to remember this season when filling out your gamesheets. You must fill in the CATEGORY in which you play (ex: Novice Northeast, Novice Northwest, Novice Southeast or Novice Southwest) and please write the GAME NUMBER somewhere on the sheet that corresponds to the Schedule/Results section of this website.

As well, if your town has 2 or more teams, you are asked to make sure that both your town and team nickname corresponding to the website are clearly marked on the sheet (ex: Neepawa Hawks or Neepawa Natives).

Please fax your gamesheets to 204-759-2521. Updates to the Schedule/Results and Standings cannot be done until the gamesheet has been faxed in. As well, we will be doing weekly updates on either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun season. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns regarding the site.

Ryan Nesbitt
Parkissimo Hockey League

October 6

The website is now under construction for the 2015-16 season.

The website has been updated with all Contacts and Tournaments received as of October 6. If you do not see your information listed, please email it to the webmaster.

The schedules are not yet finalized. Once they are put together and sent to me, I will work to have them online as soon as possible. Your patience is very much appreciated.

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